On-Demand, Differentiated Professional Development

The problem

The successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards is dependent upon high-quality professional development, yet the traditional workshop model has been proven ineffective:

  • It emphasizes attendance, not mastery of acquired knowledge.
  • The content is often broad, lacking timeliness or direct relevance for each teacher.
  • As a “one-and-done” event, it doesn’t foster ongoing learning or collaboration.
  • It lacks evidence measuring its impact on improving student outcomes.

The solution

FineTune is a first-of-its-kind professional development platform designed to replace the workshop model. At the heart of our concept of Differentiated Professional Development, its cloud-based delivery and data-driven format provides teachers with anytime-anywhere professional learning that is:

  • clear in its emphasis on mastery
  • targeted to the specific needs of the individual teacher
  • recurring and fostering of collaboration
  • measurable (via Assessments21) in its impact on student performance

In 2013-14, FineTune is focused on strengthening writing evaluation across the curriculum—a priority in the Common Core era—by identifying the common characteristics of effective explanatory, argumentative, and narrative compositions.

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