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  • FineTune from AcademicMerit is one of the exciting new EdTech tools out there for teachers. It is especially important because it addresses the common core’s emphasis on writing across the curriculum.

    Bill Gates,
    Founder, Microsoft,
    GatesNotes Blog

  • We are fortunate to have found AcademicMerit’s online language arts tools to help our faculty and students. They provide excellent data of student performance over time and are helping Pascack meet state mandates.

    Dr. Edie Weinthal,
    District English Supervisor,
    Pascack Valley (NJ) Regional High School District

  • AcademicMerit's programs have sparked interdisciplinary conversations about writing instruction and provided us with useful, manageable data on our students' Common Core skills.

    Andy Hoey,
    Social Studies Supervisor, Grades 6-12
    Duxbury (MA) Public Schools

  • In the area of writing, FineTune has given Scarborough High School's students a consistent set of expectations across the writing curriculum. It is helping to foster discussion among teachers about how to improve students' writing.

    Monique Culbertson,
    Director of Curriculum and Assessment
    Scarborough (ME) Public Schools