Professional Learning

Student Assessment

Instructional Content

A Suite of Cloud-Based Solutions

We’re Building the Only Cloud-Based Platform that Integrates Best Practices in Student and Professional Learning.

Professional Learning

FineTune® is quietly transforming Professional Learning for teachers by offering relevance, accountability, and anytime-anywhere access.

With sound pedagogy and cloud-based technology, we’re helping teachers across the curriculum to calibrate their evaluation of student writing.

Student Assessment

Assessments21® delivers high-quality benchmark and formative assessments in close reading and text-dependent writing.

With more than 200 assessments divided intor four levels of difficulty spanning grades 6-12 – and texts targeting ELA, Social Studies, and Science – A21 gives teachers a flexible tool for measuring student growth over time.

Instructional Learning

Literary Companion® is an award-winning tool designed to complement, not replace, close reading of classic and contemporary literature.

With a library of 35 texts covering grades 5-12 and more on the way, Literary Companion provides teachers with a valuable – and flexible – resource for strengthening the skills measured by Assessments21.