Good writers make good thinkers

Preparing both students and teachers in grades 6-12 for Writing, Reading and Critical Thinking in the Common Core Era.

  • We are fortunate to have found AcademicMerit’s online language arts tools to help our faculty and students. They provide excellent data of student performance over time and are helping Pascack meet state mandates.

    Dr. Edie Weinthal,
    District English Supervisor,
    Pascack Valley Regional H.S. District, Pascack, NJ

  • The experience of using FineTune has certainly advanced the conversation around student writing and made teachers much more aware of what good writing is.

    Cathy Stankard,
    Curriculum Director
    Falmouth Schools, Falmouth, ME

  • FineTune’s PD delivery transcends the old, failed industrial model.

    Gee Kin Chou,
    Former Chief Technology Officer,
    Oakland Unified School District, CA

  • AcademicMerit's programs have sparked interdisciplinary conversations about writing instruction and provided us with useful, manageable data on our students' Common Core skills.

    Andy Hoey,
    Social Studies Supervisor, Grades 6-12
    Duxbury Public Schools, Duxbury, MA

  • In the area of writing, FineTune has given Scarborough High School's students a consistent set of expectations across the writing curriculum. It is helping to foster discussion among teachers about how to improve students' writing.

    Monique Culbertson,
    Director of Curriculum and Assessment
    Scarborough School Department, Scarborough, ME

  • We see a lot of value in FineTune. It helps our English and Social Studies teachers calibrate their evaluation of student writing, while at the same time gain a better understanding of the Common Core writing standards.

    Karen Baynes,
    English Supervisor
    Duxbury Public Schools, Duxbury, MA

Measuring Student Performance

Assessments21 Reports

Benchmark Assessments

In the Common Core era, schools need a time-efficient and statistically valid means of measuring student performance. Assessments21® delivers on that need with a cloud-based solution that streamlines the administering, scoring, and data analysis of benchmark assessments in close reading and writing to text.

Educators can select from more than 150 assessments—each featuring Common Core-aligned academic content of consistently high quality—divided into four levels of difficulty spanning grades 6-12. Texts include short stories, poetry, and a broad range of non-fiction covering subject matter relevant to ELA, Social Studies, and Science.

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Job-Embedded Professional Learning

Professional Learning

To ensure the data emerging from Assessments21 benchmark assessments are statistically valid—and to help schools expand writing across the curriculum—FineTune® provides teachers with a first-of-its-kind cloud-based tool that calibrates their scoring of student essays with a Common Core-aligned rubric, while offering data-driven professional learning in the process.

FineTune represents a new model of professional development for teachers—one that is anytime-anywhere, recurring, targeted to their individual needs, and gives them credit for demonstration of mastery, not just attendance.

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Strengthening Student Performance

Learning & Instruction

While benchmark assessments help to determine where students are—and where they need to be—it is the daily instruction occurring right in the classroom that helps students get from here to there.

Literary Companion® and Assessments21 support that work by giving teachers complementary cloud-based tools that combine rich academic content with formative assessments to guide and inform differentiated instruction in close reading and writing.

Literary Companion strengthens students’ text-dependent vocabulary, reading-comprehension, and written-interpretation skills, while deepening their understanding of classic and contemporary novels and plays. Assessments21 provides teachers with a flexible tool for creating and administering formative assessments of short texts to monitor student performance, guide instruction, and measure the impact of that instruction.

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