Jobs at AcademicMerit

AcademicMerit is looking for talented developers and designers to join our Product Development Team.

AcademicMerit is at the forefront of a revolution in education that is driven by great technology, common standards, and the empowerment of teachers. We provide content, tools and data that enable students, teachers and school administrators to deliver success in the classroom.

As a small company, we don’t put much stock in siloed job titles. Candidates with a mix of experience and interest in any or all of the areas in which we are hiring are welcome to apply.

If you are self motivated and seeking your next challenge in life to impact education and experience growth by building great software please talk to us.

Software Engineer

The Software Engineer will have the opportunity to engage in full stack development, visualization, user analytics, distributed systems and machine learning algorithms. You will be working on multiple products in writing education and the AP curriculum for teachers and high school students in the US and international schools across the globe. The software will scale to 3-5 million users within three years. Your work will constantly be driven by end-user-focused development to increase learning efficacy and user engagement using data and usability. You will also have ample opportunity to refactor, reimplement and drive innovation. In the end, you will have the final responsibility of delivering high quality software that is well tested for the end user’s needs (teachers, students, College Board and other stakeholders).

We respect people who continuously improve, learn and take pride in delivering software products that people would love to use. You will work closely with the design team, stakeholders and CTO to deliver well defined front end components and backend services. We build with reactjs, python, git, webpack, variety of data stores, continuous integration, AWS, selenium, browserstack, docker and always open to speeding up our development process and scaling our system.


  • Proven experience in understanding complex user needs with multiple stakeholders and providing practical solutions that can work in production
  • Always automating solutions, but making it clearly understandable to other developers and users
  • Highly collaborative and be able to communicate both interpersonally and in your code (we <3 COMMENTS! and ability to think about future developers)
  • Not afraid to dive into other’s code, refactor and rewrite if it’s best for maintenance and end users
  • Eye for good software engineering practices (i.e. experience in dealing with bad code and improving or refactoring with good design)
  • Experience in developing and debugging with javascript and reactjs
  • Experience in designing good API’s
  • Experience with collaborating in github
  • Design and implement web applications that can reliably sustain significant traffic
  • Actively support your own code in a mission-critical environment
  • Write automated unit and integration tests
  • Learn best practices for working on a small, pragmatic software engineering team
  • Experience in solving SQL performance issues a plus
  • Experience in agile sprints a plus
  • Desire to continuously, learn, improve and apply new technologies that will increase operational efficiency and effectiveness

We are proud of the team we’ve built at AcademicMerit, and looking for someone who will fit in this role and is excited about making a huge impact in learning, while working in a collegial, highly collaborative environment—replete with many of the latest communication tools (Slack, Hangouts, etc.)—with the flexibility of working from anywhere (we are distributed across Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts) or in our office in Boston.

If you are excited to take this partake in the growth of AcademicMerit and take on this challenge please email at with links that demonstrate your work and a resume.